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This program is a C++ toolbox for generating superpixel from image. For achieving high-performance computation, it support CUDA acceleration. The average time for a 640x480 image is 40 ms. You can easly integrated the code to you embedded program. The core functions are extracted from vlfeat ( and gSLIC ( We fix some problems of their code and integrated into a package.

The source code can be downloaded at:

1. Requirements:

2. Compile:

2.1 build PIL

cd ./Thirdparty/PIL

2.2 build pi-slic


3. Usage

# do superpixel with GPU
./test_slic useGPU=1
# do superpixel without GPU
./test_slic useGPU=1

4. Plateform:

Only test on LinuxMint 17.1 64-bit, may be other distributions are also support.

5. Screenshot: