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This package is aim to help Linux/UNIX users to collect their own bash shells and got better experience. You can doing a lot of things easily by this tool, such as ‘cd’ to a folder faster, automatically config your Makefile environment, help you remember program history thing and complete your parameters later, and so on. Enjoy it!

You can download this software at:


sudo bash ./function install


List all function

just run ‘Function’

Basic usage

Once the package is installed successfully, you can use it like this:

Function [Function_Name] [Function_Paraments]

If you got any question on the usage, you can also use “-help " to show the parameter lists.

Demo 1

Use the little diary :

Function diary "This is a nice tool~"

See the diary:

Function diary -show

In fact,the package has alias this command to Diary, so you can just use Diary instead of “Function diary”

Demo 2 (cd to the folder you want immediately!)

first, ‘cd’ to the folder you want to get immediately later. For example,

cd /data/zhaoyong/Linux/Program/Apps/imu_related_docs

By using the function “Here_Name”,you can name this folder any alias you want,here we use “imu”:

Function Here_Name imu

and later you can cd to the folder just input


Demo 3 (using the function “AddShellSupport”)

Read the introduction

Function AddShellSupport -i

‘cd’ to the program folder

cd /data/zhaoyong/Linux/Program/Apps/imu_related_docs/AHRS_mini/AHRS_glviewer

use the function: AddShellSupport [Program_Name] [Install_Path]

Function AddShellSupport interface

You can use it without assigning the Install_Path and it will install to the system.What should be point out is that the parameter [Program_Name] must be the program name which you want to launch!

Add your own function

You can also add your own function by using

Function add_new [Function_Name]

The tool has prepared a demo and you can just add things you want,all the functions can be also used without the this tool, you can just find your function file named “Function_Name.func” and copy it to anywhere and use it alone.


If you have any problem, or you have some suggestions for this code, please contact Yong Zhao by, thank you very much!